Dr Tim Warren employs a variety of chiropractic techniques applied by hand, not an instrument of sorts, to perform chiropractic adjustments. He also relies on the art of palpation for diagnostic purposes. The treatment plan for each patient is individualized -- not one size fits all.

This approach allows his patients to receive better care while decreasing the financial burden typically seen in today's assembly line medicine. Dr Warren also uses his vast knowledge of nutrition to educate his patients on ways to simply feel better. If you do not feel well in general, the possibility exists that a nutritional deficiency is manifesting subtle symptoms that are not blatantly obvious to the untrained professional. So, in addition to having a great set of hands treating your back, you have a great teacher to help you stay on the road to better health.

Dr Tim Warren

Like many within the healing arts, Dr Warren's path to becoming a doctor came by way of taking care of himself first. At age nine, Dr Warren received a severe blow to the back playing youth football. Following the injury, Dr Warren had wanted to see a chiropractor but was told by three different medical doctors nothing was wrong with him. This despite not being able to sit for several weeks when he attended school. He continued to have residual problems for which he essentially treated himself with self massage and stretching for the next 14 years. At age 23 he went to a chiropractor after being involved in a car accident. It was then where he experienced such profound benefits from chiropractic that he considered it as a profession and little by little pursued his purpose in life. He continues to receive benefits from chiropractic, massage and good nutrition. It is the cornerstone for his own health.

Those health benefits help facilitate the beautiful photographs taken by Dr Warren as an avid photographer. Born and raised in Alabama, Dr Warren was not used to seeing the beautiful landscapes our area provides and the potential it lent to further fuel his passion to find natures ultimate backdrop. As often as possible, he enjoys riding his motorcycle around the Pacific Northwest in search of new places to explore and photograph. Doing so requires staying healthy and constantly reminds him that his skills effect more then just his patients physical health, but also their mental and spiritual well being.

Hippocrates said, “Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.” Your decision to choose Dr Tim as your doctor is made easier by applying the following considerations. If you are looking for a doctor that is all about treating the diseased you then choose another doctor. If you are looking for a doctor that helps you get healthy and stay healthy so you can enjoy life – then it is no accident you are here and the opportunity Hippocrates spoke about lays before you right now. Start enjoying life. Call Tacoma chiropractor Tim Warren, DC today!